Ky Bowman

And when we get our fans behind us and understand we’re one system, their support helps us every day.

Ky Bowman

Ky Browman


Havelock, N.C.



Growing up watching NBA legends Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose rise to greatness, Ky Bowman made it his lifetime mission to compete at the same caliber in the arena.

“My dream was to take [the Chicago Bulls] back to the finals,” says 6-foot-1 Eagles point guard Bowman. “But also, just trying to show the other young kids in my community it’s possible to chase their dreams.”

A natural athlete, Ky grew up with an affinity for sports—whether it was kickball, football, basketball, track, or soccer—but it wasn’t until the third grade when his father passed away that “basketball basically took over,” he says. “It changed everything for me.”

But along his journey, the Havelock, North Carolina, native found himself in a helmet and shoulder pads. And he was good. So good he would go on to verbally commit in his sophomore year to play wide receiver for the University of North Carolina.

"Football was something everybody did because that was the only thing people really get noticed for,” he says. But thinking back to his childhood dream, he knew he wanted more.

In his senior year, heeding his brother’s advice to follow his heart, “I decommitted,” he says, “because he just wanted me to pursue what I love. Basketball was what I loved.”

The late sport switch proved challenging for Bowman, a hopeful recruit, but his luck soon turned around in a life-changing way: Enter BC basketball head coach Jim Christian.

“A lot of coaches said they’d come down [to a game] and they never made it,” says Bowman. “He came.” But coach Christian made it clear Bowman would have to earn his spot.

“Knowing I’d have to work for something pushed me more,” says Bowman, who committed to the Eagles program during a winless 2015–2016 season (0–18 in the ACC). Not only was he drawn to shaping a winning program, but he knew he would thrive in the family-like culture.

“BC is all for each other,” says Bowman. “If someone’s down, someone is going to help you up.”

And he thrived.

Not only did Bowman rank third in ACC history, with three 30-point games as a freshman, and lead ACC freshmen in field goal percentage (.482), 3-point percentage (.472) and 3-pointers made (2.83), but in his sophomore year he reached a career-scoring milestone in 64 career games, tying for the ninth-fastest in program history. He was also the only player in the country to average at least 17.6 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 4.7 assists.

“Ky gives us a tough, hard-nosed leader whose competitive spirit will become infectious to his teammates,” coach Christian told BC Eagles. “A gifted athlete, he is explosive and fast, and he plays the game to win.” Bowman helped the Eagles finish the 2017–2018 season 19–16 overall.

Today, Bowman’s goal is to “be the best player I can be for BC and for myself so I can accomplish my personal goals and those of our team.” He adds: “And when we get our fans behind us and understand we’re one system, their support helps us every day.”



Point Club Member


Points In 3 separate games


Player Of The Week (Dec. 11, 2017)


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