Jane DeJarld

Everything came full circle for me. [Boston College] is where I was supposed to end up.

Jane DeJarld

Jane DeJarld


Chicago, Ill.

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As a high school senior, volleyball star Jane DeJarld was overlooked by what was then her dream school: North Carolina. She was crushed.

This past October—for the first time in program history—the Eagles defeated North Carolina with a rocking 3–0 sweep. For DeJarld, it’s a memory she’ll never forget.

“People would always tell me things happen for a reason,” she says. “Everything came full circle for me. [Boston College] is where I was supposed to end up.”

As a setter for Chicago’s McAuley Liberal Arts High School, DeJarld turned enough heads to receive an All American Honorable Mention from Under Armour—and to catch the attention of BC scouts.

After three years at the Heights, DeJarld has no doubt that she found her perfect school. BC challenges her, supports her, and inspires her. The alumni community gets a special nod.

“It’s something that’s unique to BC, that people come here and have such a great experience that they want to give back. They want us to have an even better experience,” she says. “Especially as a student-athlete, I think that’s huge—to see people who are really here for us. I think that says a lot about BC as well.”

DeJarld says that the coaching staff, led by head coach Jason Kennedy, has raised BC’s volleyball program to a new level of excellence, and she anticipates greater success to come. After less than a year with Kennedy at the helm, the team has upped its profile in the ACC, which features some of the highest level competition in the country.

As for herself, DeJarld credits all who have helped her develop into the successful athlete, student, and woman she is today.

“Everyone, from the trainers to my coaches to BC administration, has been so clear that they’re going to push me, but they’re also going to be there for me when I need help.”  

And DeJarld is always there to lend a helping hand to her teammates—and her teammates are her greatest inspiration.

“I think that the people make it so special, and I would do anything for them. They make me want to be a better athlete. Every time I walk through the door of Conte, I want to leave a better athlete because of those people who are pushing me.”



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